Journey Down to Morcote



Thanks to soprano Soprano Cheryl Coutinho and Tenor Mario Sofroniou the blog will have lots of pictures coming up, tonight we perform in a very old chapel, and tomorrow we present a educational workshop to students at the Montaniola American School.

Hello from Lucerne!



After a LONG journey with a stop off night in Riems and a rather over personal and intrusive border sear at Basil…… Meridian Brass and friend have arrived in Lucerne and had a wonderful dinner with Ursula Jones and Duncan Ward at the hotel Schlussel (it means key we are told)

Swiss Church Concert

Meridian would like to thank Rev Ursula Stocker for her kindness in letting us perform at the Swiss Church. A great time was had by all, and our first performance of Ave Maris Stella with out our dancers worked well. We look forward to leaving next week!Image

September 2011

Meridian Brass is rehearsing for their up coming tour to Switzerland. The tour will consist of educational events in Montagnola as well as concerts there and in Morcote and a special performance as the group opening the Lucerne Chamber Festival.

The group will be performing their commission Ave Maris Stellas with just the voice, as our dancers have taken new positions in Ramber Dance Company. The group will be accompanied on the trip by composer Duncan Ward and Ursula Jones, the widow of Philip Jones.