New Meridian Videos are up on our Vimeo channel!

Meridian Brass Live; Featuring Very Special Guest Huw Warren

Bluebells and Bicycles, Huw Warren. Arr Meridian Brass
Solos; Huw Warren, Cai Isfryn

Footage from a special collaboration with Huw Warren in North Wales, ‘Bluebells and Bicycles’ is a witty romp written by Huw and arranged by the group. We are joined by Oil Hickie french horn extraordinaire for this concert.

Website Issues

Having built our website two years ago, its now looking a little outdated. Unfortunately with little IT skills Bass Trombonist Jon Heeley had to hack it together using the flash coding language. However after lots of coffee and reading some very boring books he has made a great looking new site that is more up to date with all our activities and works on all your favourite shiny mobile devices! So please enjoy!!!!


After a short break Meridian Brass will be performing a few corporate gigs, and another performance of ‘Once Upon A Time’ at St Augustine;s Church in THorpe Bay on the 15th of September. Look forward to seeing you there