Pictures from the FUN ART BUS launch

Last Monday the group had a lot of fun performing Caroline Heslop’s new anthem to launch the Fun Art Bus. The group played alongside the special guests who were all performing to raise awareness for the launch for the fundraising campaign; see link below:

The group gets ready to fanfare the special guests

The group gets ready to fanfare the special guests

Playing in the sun for the first time this year, makes a change to rain and snow!

Playing in the sun for the first time this year, makes a change to rain and snow!

The group in front of the converted 1968 Route Master bus.

The group in front of the converted 1968 Route Master bus.

If you have time please do look at the fundraising page for this fantastic project!

Meridian Brass

Meridian Brass to perform alongside Simon Callow, Prunella Scales and.. A Bus!

Amid much fanfare by Meridian Brass, Simon Callow and Prunella Scales will launch what many believe will be the UK’s most ambitious community development and employability projects at noon on Monday, 29th April at Canary Warf.

The bus’s activities will emphasise self-help, employability training via Inter-Action’s Instant Business Enter-prise System (IBES) and Community Arts. The Artistic Director is ED Berman MBE, aka Otto Premier Check.

The launch will consist of short speeches by Callow and Scales, a photo opportunity for journalists of them holding an Olympic Torch, an Olympic Gold Medal and/or a Running Blade prosthetic leg.

This will be followed by the Anthem for Inter-Action’s Fun Art Bus composed by Caroline Heslop for Meridian Brass. The group will be playing the fanfare composed with a special fifth member of the group, the Fun Art Bus itself! That’s right; Caroline’s special piece starts and ends with a fanfare that is performed alongside the group, by the buses engine.

This is to be followed by a tap-dancing Santa and William Shakespeare’s cousin, Wilma, reading fragments on burnt paper from his first folio. Tickets for the Fun Art Bus (FAB), which are spooled out of an original clippie machine, contain specially commissioned poems by Roger McGough, President of The Poetry Society, Prof. R.L. Dogg, A F Harrod, Matt Harvey and Colin West. On the FAB will be videos of the history of Painting, Sculpture and Music. A National Community Fourth Plinth will also be unveiled.

Something about the past of the Fun Arts Bus:

Inter-Action Fun Art Bus 2013-2016

Inter-Action first put a Fun Art Bus (FAB) on the road in London and for the Munich Olympics in 1972. On 29th April 2013 Inter-Action will launch the London tour of FAB for 2013-2014 to selected London Boroughs.

In 2015 it will go to selected major UK towns and cities. The FAB comprises several neutral spaces for theatre, video, music, dance and art exhibition. The contents will be entirely new art, dance, literary, musical and theatre creations; it is not a revival.

The Bus, a 1964 RouteMaster (Leyland AEC) has been converted by Inter-Action with the help of a large number of volunteers into a mobile-arts venue with exhibition spaces, a proscenium arch theatre up-stairs, a window theatre for mime downstairs and a portable, outdoor performance platform. Inter-Action has fitted-out the vehicle with large LED video screens, an outdoor projector screen (donated by the Canary Wharf Group), art projections, digital arts and IT.

The new FAB will also draw on Inter-Action’s years of experience in social enterprise to introduce community development, focussing on self-help and employability activities (including literacy and numeracy) through the Instant Business Enterprise System (IBES). Inter-Action’s Instant Business Enterprise System (IBES) 2013 IBES was first introduced by HRH Prince Charles in a BBC special programme.
Today, Inter-Action enables people to set up their own small company, become self-employed or to improve their employability skills.

IBES is primarily carried out as a training project using real money in the real world and not as work-shops or lectures in the classroom – although it may be accompanied by these. Real processes, required to set up a business, can be implemented in very short time periods of either two days or over four evenings. These time-frames help overcome the inability of many to defer their gratification.

Some additional aims of IBES are to help develop leadership and basic management skills, build confidence and enhance financial capabilities in the participants; it also helps widen career choices.

The event will also see the launch of a crowd funding campaign. This will help raise funds to allow the FAB and IBES to visit housing estates and town centres throughout London. For more information on the campaign please visit

New tracks on Sound Cloud

Over the past few months the group has been busy performing some exciting new pieces for brass quartet, check out some recordings of them here on Sound Cloud

First up, we have a piece by talented composer Caroline Heslop.  Caroline was commissioned to write a short piece to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the amazing Fun Art Bus charity.

Started in 1972 by Ed Berman MBE, the goals of the bus were to use the best of British arts to front new artists, playwrights, writers, poets, designers, composers and song writers, etc.

Ed wanted to put these often serious creations on to a multi-arts bus, which could be visited in an exciting and fun way by marginalised people on housing estates and elsewhere.

So with a group of actors and musicians and the help of an old Route-master bus the charity set about taking the arts to communities and helping the under privileged access the arts and be encouraged into participating within their community.

Caroline’s piece is centred around the notes F, A and B and includes a certain bus themed nursery rhyme- see if you can hear it!

Our next new pieces, yet to be recorded, are by the astonishingly talented Litha and Effy Efthymiou.

Litha and Effy Efthymiou are London-based composers and creators, specialising in contemporary art music and large-scale interdisciplinary work. They compose individually and collaboratively and have been the recipients of awards from Arts Council England, The Wellcome Trust, PRS Women Make Music, and the National Lottery, as well as the winners of numerous composition prizes including the ‘St Paul’s Sinfonia Orchestral Composition Competition’ and the ‘Association of Young Composers of the Mediterranean Composition Competition’.

Their work has been performed all over the UK, including at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Kings Place, Westminster Abbey, Handel House, Kettle’s Yard, The Sage and Blackheath Halls. Their compositions have been published by Edition HH and Acromis.

Their new pieces, written specially for the group, are based on Greek myths and a very well known story by Franz Kafka. We will of course be posting more information about the new works as we get ready to premiere them!

The last new piece recorded is a very short ‘Celebration Fanfare’. Written by the group’s bass trombonist, Jonathan Heeley, the piece was written to start a very special birthday concert for the distinguished Ursula Jones CBE at Blackheath Halls in London last year.

A keen supporter of all the arts, and of course Meridian Brass, Ursula is well known for her enthusiasm and energy for young people in the arts. Having toured around Switzerland with Ursula the group are extremely fond of her, and the fanfare was written with her wonderful personality in mind.

For more information about the composers and the fantastically fabulous Fun Arts Bus charity please follow these links bellow:




Best wishes

Meridian Brass


What do you think of Dan Adlešič’s retelling of the classic tale?

This video was filmed live as part of our Once Upon A Time concert, we perform the first of Ravel’s three songs along side Dan’s animation.

The original text by Ravel: (translated)

Nicolette, after the vespers,
Is going to walk in the meadow,
Picking the daisy, daffodil and lily’s of the valley,
All jerky, all perky,
Peeping above, there on all sides,
Along the way, She met an old wolf growling,
Bristling, his eyes bright;
Hey there! my Nicolette, are you going to Grandmother?
A breathless girl, ran Nicolette
Leaving there her cornet and white clogs.


New Meridian Videos are up on our Vimeo channel!

Meridian Brass Live; Featuring Very Special Guest Huw Warren

Bluebells and Bicycles, Huw Warren. Arr Meridian Brass
Solos; Huw Warren, Cai Isfryn

Footage from a special collaboration with Huw Warren in North Wales, ‘Bluebells and Bicycles’ is a witty romp written by Huw and arranged by the group. We are joined by Oil Hickie french horn extraordinaire for this concert.

Website Issues

Having built our website two years ago, its now looking a little outdated. Unfortunately with little IT skills Bass Trombonist Jon Heeley had to hack it together using the flash coding language. However after lots of coffee and reading some very boring books he has made a great looking new site that is more up to date with all our activities and works on all your favourite shiny mobile devices! So please enjoy!!!!